First flight with headtracking

I have a sonicmodell Binary plane, fitted with fpv. But I thought it would be fun to fit a headtracker.

This is a servo driven gimble on the plane that moves the fpv camera when you move your head (with goggles on - there is a gyro / acceleromter in the goggles).

I was a little apprehensive at first, thinking I would lose orientation, but it really does feel natural and there is a step up in the immersive experience over fpv that really needs to be experienced first hand. You can fly and just look around.

Short video as it was gusty today so it was a risk flying as it was.


Thats really cool Karl :clap:t2: Do you think that could work on a quad too if you could make it small enough? :thinking:

Having moved from standard flight simulators to VR ones I cannot stress how much this makes a difference with fixed wing flight. I imagine it was wonderful.

It’s one reason I’m considering trying FPV fixed wing flying out!

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Yeah it would work on a cruising quad, but not a freestyler. Maybe. Have to build one :grin:

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Been fw fpv flier a while. Here’s a link to a flight at my local club field. Dji V2 HD goggles. Head tracker, Skywalker 1.9mtr this is goggles recording. Unfortunately recordings don’t show OSD data. Matek flight controller. My original Mavic pro has headtracking via goggles either gimbal or flight control, a fantastic feature September Morning - YouTube


Very cool. I did the same about a month ago on one of my non-Inav planes (a Spitfire), so no OSD. Very, very cool and super immersive. Sadly I only got one filght and one of the two pan/tilt servos died and I haven’t got around to fixing it yet.

Did you 3D print your pan and tilt mechanism? If so, got any links? I grabbed one from Thingiverse but it’s not great - far too big, bulky and excessively complicated. I really need to make a new one and get it fitted to one of my INAV planes.

Last week a friend and I were chasing each other with two FPV wings. Unlike chasing in an FPV drone, when the plane being chased moves slightly out of your field of view, you can’t just move your view quickly to check where it is. This would have helped massively.

Here’s the video. You can see the bits where some headtracking would have made life so much easier.


I use Hobby King (Quanum) pan tilt mechanism. Full 180 deg pan and metal gears
9171001388-0. Work great and not expensive. Looks like back order at the moment. Use with the Quanum 3 axis Tracker unit
9171000542-0. Very good item. My video was my first edit attempt using the Dji fly app editor, the music does your head in! Since learnt how to add own music files. As you say, it’s a real flying experience without the risk of killing you self……

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