First Flight With Video

Hello all, here is a link to the first video using my veho muvi Q series drone, the video isnt the best quality as its a cheap knockoff gopro, will buy a proper gopro when i can afford it. The flight was on the north west edge of the milldown in Blandford Forum, Dorset. On drone scene it has a yellow area above which states “be mindful of others” so i flew at the far end where there are hardly any people and flew out over fields rather than over the park. Im pretty sure i flew within the drone code but if anyone can see any issues with my flight or video please let me know (im new to this).

Here is the link feel free to subscribe :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

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Nice first go ;o)

If you paste the Youtube link it a line of its own you get the nice onebox preview


oh ok, thank you :slight_smile:

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Well done on your first video!

I’d love to see a photo of your drone, never seen the one you’re using.

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Its a discontinued model, I managed to buy it brand new and sealed for £75 from someone selling old stock.

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Looks cool! Thanks! Enjoy it!