First Flights in the Chilterns

I am new to this great hobby. After a unhappy start with a Hubsan Zino Pro I opted for a Mavic Air (good prices now on old stock!). Some of my first efforts attached and a longer effort at

So much to learn!

Sunset over AYLESBURY. All on auto, yet to work out all the alternative settings and Filters?


Not too shabby for your first attempts. Very well done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Couldn’t agree more. Nicely done.

Thanks. Roll on the end of lockdown (and vaccination) so we can get out and about further afield.

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Absolutely, when that happens, if you’re up for a meet up/fly up, please let me know. I’m in Leighton Buzzard, so not million miles away from where you taken those videos.

Love to. Hopefully early in the new year.

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Hello Biggles ,did i see a little bit of coombe hill at the start of your vid ,i live on prebendal farm aylesbury and fly at fairford leys football field or the Edinborough playing fields ,or i did before covid happened .Chris

Hi Chris,
Yep you are correct. Coombe Hill on a misty morning. I too live in Aylesbury and have only recently acquired a drone. So, I have much to learn and, so far, it has been great fun. I have had a couple of flights at Fairford Leys, also Watermead. Have not ventured too far afield yet so am looking for interesting locations to get some much needed practice in.
Best wishes - Norman

Hello Norman ,up until a few weeks ago a few fpv racing drone flyers were flying from fairford leys golf club ,but the hs2 has now eaten the whole area ,most of it fenced off ,its waterlogged anyway . A good place to go to after the covid is gone would be Little horwood flying club ,very friendly people they fly everything planes included ,its on an old Raf airfield , i was a member but am moving up north in the new year so it wasn’t worth renewing membership , at the club are experienced flyers who will help steer you towards your goals in flying from fpv racing through the gates to 3d helicopter pilots ,i just used to wait while the fpv boys where charging up batteries ,then put up a plane for a while ,it was give and take everyone had a decent chance of flying there was always something to watch. might be worth giving them a go.chris

Thanks Chris, I may well give them a visit when the weather and covid improve? Good luck with your move - Best wishes - Norman