First HQish video with the T1 Ranger

I recently joined to the RC Fixed Wing hobby, and the T1 Ranger is my second plane (after a Nano Talon EVO).
I got the PNP version, swapped the motors for a pair BrotherHobby 1504.5 2650Kv and GemFan 4024 props, installed a Matek 765-WSE flight controller, Matek ELRS-R24-D, Matek VTX and Caddx Baby Retel 2 camera.

This is the first video I shot with the RunCam Thum. I didn’t expect much better from a £45 piece of electronic, but it took me a while to have a decent quality using both GyroFlow and DaVinci Resolve.

Recoreded in 1080p, upscaled to 2160p in post production to improve YT compression quality.


Nice video. Far smoother than I’ve been getting out of my Nano Talon Evo.

Got any pictures of the build?

I’m working on the Talon Evo conversion: new blheli esc, new 6x4 prop, 2 servos under the wings.

Not proud in showing the T1 internal build. It’s a Matek 765-WSE, still a work in progress.
I changed the props to the Nazgul 4x3 and the motors to BrotherHobby 1504.5 2650kv for a 4s liion 18650, but I will change them for BrotherHobby 1404 3800kv to use a 3s liion 21700.

Oh wow, yeah good video. I just wobble all over the place with my little FPV plane!!

Might look to put a Thumb on mine (have two of them!)