First Kuula - Blithfield Reservoir

Beautiful Day for flying, first time over serious water…
Incredible place, easily accessible from Public Car Park.
Quite a lot of birdlife to keep an eye on at one end!

:crossed_fingers:this works !


Like it great quality, drove past a few times and often wondered if this was a drone free area but obviously not, I live in Cannock so may take a ride over one of the days, I found out that drones are permitted at chase water provided a few rules are adhered to so looking good for a change…

I parked in a public car park off Newton Hurst Lane, there are very well signed (and enclosed) pathways through the woods to the water, there’s a farm airfield to the east but apart from that it’s all good.
Take a landing pad as the grass is pretty long!

Cool pano! :+1:

Gets you the Birds Eye Viewer Badge, too! :wink:

Great work @Klokman. Love the place

Awesome shot there, looks like a great place for flying

Been there, and a local farmer told us we should’nt really be flying off their land (Stafford Water) but then got a message via you Tube asking if they could use the footage. Once he had seen the screenshots he asked us to video his holiday homes. After that he was happy to let us fly from his land if needed.
From the bridge to the fish farm is 6150 feet, my longest flight with the Mavic Pro.