First Look : Lume Cube mounts on the DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Lume Cube Lighting Kit:

I just had one of those “Jeez I need those even though I have no idea what I’d ever use them for!” moments.

Anticipate a dramatic increase in UFO sightings, though. :wink:


I think the the mounting frame that they fit on Is a stunning addition should people what to add Items on the Mavic Pro.

This only my view so please be careful not to over load your Mavic Pro.

Indeed. I was thinking much the same … adding a GoPro, for instance.

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Now Your Talking

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I love the bracket mounts!!

Not over impressed with the lights to be honest :blush:

@OzoneVibe There are GoPro Mavic mounts out there mate :smiley:

Not sure I’d trust some of them though!


And welcome to Grey Arrows @OzoneVibe :+1: :smiley:

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“Not sure I’d trust some of them though!”

… exactly why these mounts look good … and better range of view angles possible.

I use a couple of lume cubes, in my photography and video extremely versatile lights. I’m definitely ordering the bracket :slight_smile: