First pay cheque

Almost a year after being invited to monetise my drone video channel I got my first pay cheque earlier this week (actually a direct payment in to my bank account.)

A few months back I had to fill in US tax forms so that I am exempt from taxation, but was payed from Ireland?

It has been interesting watching my earnings grow slowly over the year until they broke through the minimum amount outstanding for a payout last month.


We we talking new car money?, a tank of fuel money? or a coffee at Costa?

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Or a cheeky few tickets on our DJI Air 3 competition? :star_struck:

I haven’t driven for nearly 20 years, but I’d say tank of fuel money; they pay out when they owe you £60, my payout this week was nearly £64.:smiley:


Half a tank :wink:

£64 more than you had yesterday. Result in my book!

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Well under the HMRC reporting rules as well… Enjoy it!

Nice one. My channel is only a month old so no chance of getting monetised yet. Only got 28 subscribers! lol


Hi @rmunkley, it looks as though you’re quite new here :wave:t2:

Why not nip over to the Introductions page, and say hello properly and tell us a bit about yourself. :+1:

What is your channel called? I tried accessing the link in your bio on here, but it fails to connect each time?

try this link Flight Fantastic - YouTube

Still learning but hopefully you can see improvements in the production value as you go through the videos

tax free,Thats good
just had peak at your channel and earned you a penny.

64 quid, better than a kick in the bollocks. Good on yer mate​:+1::grin:

Not if you can sue for ABH! :rofl:

Six months down the line and I was today notified of a second payout :smiley:

Increase on the £64 ?



I’m curious, my Youtube channel says it cannot be monetised in my region (the UK). What region do you have your channel set to?