First photos - MA2

I’ve been learning for about a month now and accumulated 1 hour’s flight time. Yep still a complete beginner! :rofl:

I went to Etherow country park, where there’s a pin on the map, and had a short fly around. Pretty boring pics but my first attempt at controlling the drone and taking photos.

If I’d looked down vertically I’d have seen the weir, but didn’t realise at the time! Lol.


Nothing wrong with those mate, it’s all learning but most importantly it’s having fun a enjoying yourself , I spent ages learning control before I gave any thought to video or photos, the more flight time you get the easier it becomes. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing


Couldn’t agree more. Getting flight time is what will give you experience and confidence. The videos and photographs are a bonus.

If you want a piece of advice for videos, try to keep the flying smooth. If there is any sudden movements, it looks terrible on the video.