First photos with my Mini

Although the weather hasn’t been in my favour here I’ve managed to get my mini up a couple of times, first time flying what I’d class as a proper drone, only flown a cheap snaptain before hand.

The difference in flying is only beaten by the difference in cameras, very impressed considering this is dji’s cheapest option.

On my first flight I took a photo from a similar position as I’d taken one with the snaptain to compare the difference.

This is the the snaptain:

And this is the Mavic Mini:

And while it’s not the typical drone shot and could of had a similar vantage point with my dslr it’s still one of my favourite photos to show the Mini’s ability:


What’s the Porsche story? :scream:

A family friend asked if he could store it here temporarily as he was apaprantly planning to restore it, that was 10-15 years ago and now nature’s slowly taking over.

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Compositions not great but really am happy with the shots I can get from it. Looking forward to some better weather and taking it a bit further a field.


Some great shots Mark. I’m pleased you are happy with it. Next for some video. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you, yea very happy with it, glad i bought it off such a fantastic seller. :+1:

Funny enough I did take a few videos which even at 1080p were great quality. Last week i was editing a couple of them and after spending enough time to be annoyed PowerDirector crashed on me!
You’ve reminded me to try again, and this time save at regular intervals.

Nice shots. While I haven’t used it much yet I’ve found Davinci Resolve pretty good and it hasn’t crashed on me yet! The free version has pretty comprehensive functionality.