First Shot with Mini 2

First flight, first shot, Mini 2. The camera has lived up to my expectations!


Oh to be in those mountains. Where is this? Oxford is so flat!

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Great stuff @ash2020 now get up and those bastards faces at the ‘farm’

Yes, but Oxford is so civilised and has things like shops! This is near Oban, West Scotland.

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I will Chris. Just wondering how close I can get before they see me!

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Get yourself a salmon-pink wrap and blend in :wink:


If they have the pumps running I’d guess pretty close, I ran mine out at a local flood site and you couldn’t hear the M2 once it was 10m away ;o)

Ah Oban. Love it. We were there October 2019 and fell in love with the place. We were spoiled by glorious weather, and the great little pub on the front with the stained glass windows upstairs. I realise it will be a very different place when it isn’t bright and sunny, but I am from Preston originally :wink:

We have discussed moving there when our daughter is old enough to fend for herself.

The wrap would take it over 250g :grinning:

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I think that’s why they haven’t clocked me yet!

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