First shots with the Mini2


Familiar scenery :smile:

I was out with mine yesterday too :slight_smile:


@MartG1960 @Diveuk I’d be Interested to see some of the pleasure beach if you venture that far up ;o)

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Unfortunately it is well within the NFZ from Blackpool airport, as are other potentially interesting locations like St Annes :frowning:

NFZ or FRZ ?

I thought I had read they were quite approachable and amicable up there ?

Anything North of South Pier they are OK with but once you start venturing South of the pier forms start being circulated because it is very near the runway approach zone and helo route to the windfarm.


Great pictures guys … love the quality. …love Blackpool …a guilty pleasure for many …

Evening Diveuk,

Obviously still very new to the hobby. What do you mean by forms circulated ? In your recent post.Getting my head round all the jargon still.

Great pics by the way :+1:hoping to get up Bispham way myself, been practising on the Wyre Estuary.

Make applications for NOTAMS etc.