First trip out since C19. Revisit of UB122

Hi folks, sorry i have been a bit quiet for the last few weeks, im back at work and its been waring me out.

Anyway, my latest revisit to the sunken U-Boat on the Medway. Mark and I have been itching to get back down there for over a year.


Great to see you back Jay, hope things are well with you.


Superb ! On my list of places to, were is the best place to fly from, and did you fly manual or program with Litchi?

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Great video, there used to be lots of old rotting subs in the shallow water along side the road to Hayling island , I guess they are long gone now though

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It was a completely manual flight. I never trust Litchi for low flights like that.
I will do a little map for you as i think we have found the perfect spot to fly from and a great spot to park.

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We always try and park at number 1 as its slightly closer but depending on the day or time you go 2 is also a very good spot to park.

The sub is just under 4000 feet out so always check the wind and tide times before you go. Its a challenge this one but still in my top 5 places to fly. Bare in mind its nearly 3 hours driving for us here in the midlands.

@Proteous, many thanks, that’s a great help, will give it a go soon, also want to do the Russian Sub near Chatham.