First try of my Tango 2 controller

So I bought a TBS Tango 2 controller and have been loving it on the sims. I popped it out today when it stopped raining to try it out. The wobbles in the video is because my quad had a loose arm. It was very gusty and tricky to fly, and I haven’t been out for a couple of weeks.

But I have no more bounce back after a roll! I am thinking it might be down to the crsfshot protocol smoothing out the feedforward in betaflight?
I did my classic smooth landing early as the gusts of wind nearly blew me over and I didn’t feel safe.


text book landing Karl !.


Looking good mate!

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Closed my :eyes: 1st time you went under that ‘Crozzee’ mate Had to turn the sound down Also Dogs tried to eat my phone :rofl:

Trust me, I ducked too! :rofl:

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He landed in the same field he took off from in my eyes that’s a 1st class landing :rofl: The fact it was in 1 piece is just a bonus!

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Somehow,Karl always seems to land in one piece,! His bloody drone is indestructible!! Its his boy who manages to destroy them… :wink: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yeah phhhhh. He can build his own now. I have parts for him, he just needs a frame and camera. But he is saving up for a car. Takes his test in April. No more dads taxi!!!


Does he Drink? :thinking: :rofl: Not out of the woods yet

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