First video edit from Mini2 using GoPro's Quick - Carrington Moss, Manchester

Evening shadows and buzzing potato (?) fields around a quiet Carrington Moss.
Needed to cut some segments together on the phone so tried GoPro’s Quik app (android).
Anyway, here it is.

Just be careful not to overfly MUFC’s training ground as I imagine their security may have a word…


I’ve edited your post so you get the nice one box preview window/player

To do this paste the YouTube link in a new clean line of its own no spaces etc

ahh when that lights up the night sky haha, and yea the training ground is a bit iffy but you can fly near it i didnt the other week when i went :slight_smile:

Nah they would never find you :wink:

@TomS Snap!

Good to see you again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll double check links pasted from youtube in the future.

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Likewise Sparky.
I’ve got to start using the HDR… in the meantime, these were my shadows

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These are the shadows