First Videos

Thought I’d post my first few videos from my Mavic Air. Three weeks ago I’d never flown a drone and never done any video editing, so it’s been quite a learning curve!

Any comments or feedback would be really appreciated.

Coombe Hill Wood

Burrow Mump

Berrow Beach Wreck


@Carl nice videos mate i havent played witht the editing yet. Be wary of flying at break not sure if it’s north Somerset council or Burnham on sea. Check out the council website with regards to their drone policy as north Somerset council don’t like drones :+1:

Nice post! Particularly like the wreck on the beach. Pretty cinematic

Nice videos, @Carl, are you sure you’ve never done this before? :smiley:

Looks like the dogs were enjoying the shipwreck too :rofl:

Thanks! I’ve read on their website that they don’t allow drones to be used on land owned by the council, but I always thought that the council only owned down to the high tide line, and that everything between low and high tide was owned by the crown?

Thanks! I was trying to go for quite a cinematic look but I’ve been finding it quite hard to get my head around all the colour correction and grading etc.

Ha yep this is definitely a first for me! I originally planned to stick to still photos but I find myself enjoying working with videos a lot more than I thought I would

I was annoyed that the dogs were running around the wreck at the time but I quite liked them being in the video when I watched it back later!

You are correct about the beach access, all beach areas below the high water mark is owned by the crown, not any private landowner or local authority. Therefore only the crown can grant or deny permission to fly there.

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That’s good to know, thanks! So I need permission from the crown then… Does anyone know the Queen’s email address? :joy:


I spoke to her earlier, she said yeah no probs :+1:

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I bet the queen has a diamond encrusted Spark in her handbag for a cheeky flight over the strand line :rofl:

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