Five Wells prison

Wellingborough’s new £253m ‘super prison’ HMP Five Wells


Fletch says 'ello and can you drop off 'alf a pahnd of snout next time you’s flying over?

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That’s rather large!

That’s as close as I dare to go to the place!


It doesn’t seem to have an airspace restrictions over it … yet - just a DJI thingamyzone.

@Acedrone That is one great looking set of buildings. It it yet occupied as i would have thought a NFZ would be in order but like @OzoneVibe said not showing 'cept in DJI

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… from the outside … :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably as ‘nice’ as any Premier Inn inside too

Free food ftw!

Currently, 137 hand-picked inmates have been moved to the facility. At full capacity, the prison will house 16,80 male category C offenders, and employ up to 700 people.