Flash Competition - Your best photo of 2023 - Winner announced

It’s a nice shot but not quite as requested - A4 proportions and vertical. Cropping will make it look like this:


14th October 2023 at 07:47
DJI Air 2S


@Colinf7 Colin, the requirement is for a picture for the front of a calendar the format of which is A4 vertical. Check the other pictures that have been submitted for examples

Sunrise at the Humber Bridge (Barton side) 07:01 am 10th September 23
Mini 3 pro


Sparkes’ Marina, Hayling Island
DJI Mavic Air2
16:53 25/07/2023



Telephone Box in a rural setting
Mini 3 Pro


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Darren, we can crop the picture into an A4 vertical format - like the rest of the entries - if you wish. You may prefer to do so yourself …


Portrait (vertical) in European A proportions - it will be reproduced at A4 size (297x210mm) - Its height-to-width aspect ratio is approximately the square root of 2 (1.414) to one. Don’t worry too much as we can crop before sending to the printers. A4 or larger size please at the best quality you can achieve

And, sorry to seem as if we are having a go at you (we aren’t!) but we also need to know what, where, when and what with :slight_smile:

Please do not add a signature to your image but do tell us the aircraft used, the location and the date the picture was taken. Add any further details that may be of interest.

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Cotter Force 30/10/23 Mini 3 Pro


Be prepared for a late entry, I’m in Ireland and my pics are at home in Scotland :frowning:

When I produced a calendar I solved the problem by printing it on A3, landscape, spiral bound so a month was effectively A2… although A4/A3 would have worked perfectly well…

One of the considerations is cost, both for the calendar production itself and for post and packing. An A4 size allows for posting at a large letter rate and is a convenient size for displaying on the wall.

We intend to print a limited edition of 50, priced at £9.99 inclusive of postage and packing in a card-backed envelope to protect the corners from postie’s best efforts.

The inside pages will have the picture and its details on the top half, the month at the bottom. The cover will be a full picture, selected by vote from the entries above with Grey Arrows Drone Club 2024 overlaid on it.

So the calendar will look similar to yours but with a single cover picture


But if it hangs like mine, then the cover is landscape… This was my front and back covers…

How late?

Strangely enough this is a busy time of year both for postal services and for calendar printers. Five minutes before the deadline we can cope with (albeit with a great deal of swearing and physical abuse of Chall Com junior staff).

Miss the deadline (21:00 Saturday 25th) and you can kid yourself on that you are early for the 2025 Calendar Cover Comp :slight_smile:

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Although I find it hard to believe, Lightroom insists that I only took one portrait mode drone photo (a fair amount of video, but only one photo).

DJI Mini 3 Pro
16th April 2023
IWM Duxford

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm line-up


I wouldn’t dream of incurring your wrath by submitting quite that late, I don’t think I could handle your sarcasm :rofl:
I meant late as in afternoon or early evening, definitley not 5 to 9!

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Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
Mini 4 pro

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Horton Folly, Wimborne, Dorset

Minin4 Pro

A4 vertical crop


Not a lot reading the rules there CC :wink::wink: