Fleetwood high tide

Exceptionally high tide at Fleetwood ( 10.3m )

DJI Mavic Air 2

Abandoned hulks completely surrounded by water

By comparison, this is at a lowish tide


Is this the River Wyre @MartG1960 ?

Yes, it is the Wyre - this is a ‘normal’ high tide


Hi. interesting set of pics. With the ‘normal’ high tide that you show, what are the ground conditions like around the hulks? I’m thinking a visit on foot with an dslr camera may be interesting?

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Muddy at high tide but not as bad as it used to be, absolutely fine at low tide, though. It’s very well trodden (mostly by amateur photographers I think) since they developed the land around there.

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These pics add the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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Two sets of pics I want to get, the old ferry terminal and the old wrecks. As soon as the weather improves that is my next trip. Great shots @MartG1960

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