Flew my Mavic Air from the conservatory!

Hi all. As you may know, as well as Whisky, Scotland is famed for two things, rain and midges! I was flying yesterday evening over the field at the back of our house, at 399 feet altitude and about the same distance away I was suddenly attacked by midges.
It was a desperate situation, until you’ve experienced a cloud of midges here you haven’t lived. Once they lock on there’s almost nothing you can do.
I had to try and drop the drone with one hand and flap the other hand about, then once I’d got about half way home I thought “I wonder if I can go indoors and still be connected”. So I went into the conservatory and, to my great delight, I was still flying! I brought it in close, flew around a bit nearby, and then came into the garden for a perfect landing!
I’ve yet to find out what the range is, as its been raining all day, but very excited to have another go.

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Ah midges… I thought you were going to say fried mars bars :rofl:

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I’ve sat in the car with the heater on full and flown on a freezing day. :wink:

Didn’t notice any significant drop in range/signal.

But you have reminded me why I’ve not holidayed in Scotland. :+1: LOL!


And battered pizza!!!

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Haha, that old stereotype! Never seen one yet!

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At least there aren’t many people here! And lots of wide open spaces. Brilliant!:grinning:

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When I was at school the cafe round the corner would batter anything you wanted. The possibilities were endless :rofl:

I keep one of these in my flying/hiking bag all the time.

Looks ridiculous but a godsend for times like you described.


Well, I say “perfect landing”, but two of my balls had dropped off!

That’s the polystyrene float balls attached to extension legs that I got from Amazon for £16.

I had to land with the front (short legs) up a step, the back balls were still attached. I’ve asked for a refund, which they have accepted, but I haven’t told them I’m only returning two!

My missus has one attached to a coat thing but I can’t see much through it. VLOS would be about 6 feet!

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Are you in Scotland Callum?

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I am indeed, Ayrshire.

Good man. Not quite as bad as the West coast for midgies though.

Where in Scotland are you mate?

Near Oban.

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Loads of scenic places to fly up there.

There certainly are. I feel very lucky living here. There’s an awful lot of water though. If I ever crash, it’ll probably be into water!

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I was quite wary about flying over water when I got my MP but a weekend up at Loch Lomond sorted that out. One of my favourite things to fly over now.

Think I’m going to be paranoid though with the M2P until I build that trust again.

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Good luck with it. I’m still paranoid. There’s an amazing waterfall near us and when it’s been raining, it’s a raging torrent, like something out of Lord of the Rings. I almost braved it the other day but there were a few overhanging branches and I thought if I dunked it, I would never even find it, let alone retrieve it. Maybe with floats attached.
Must go and recharge my batteries - mine not the MA’s. Cheers.

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And deep fried scotch pie’s. YUM !