Flight logs won’t sync on Smart Controller

oh dear… updated my SC firmware to v 1.00 820 all went fine… BUT have now lost all my flight records! have regularly synced them but now says flight records sync failed :roll_eyes:is that the end?

On which app within the SC?

Log in to a different app and try that?

And/or, install GO4 on your phone, login, sync. If that works you know it’s the only an issue with the SC and that your logs are still stored on a server in China somewhere :grimacing:

Another reason to use AirData - keeps everything together in one place for all your drones, including your Evo :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rich,flight logs are still on the phone! thank you great thinking… :+1: :+1: also sync fine! So,defo problem with SC… will let you know what happens,but looks like a WiFi,issue (again),with controller,just noticed that even the browser on SC will not connect…yet wifi IS connected to phone,witch works fine…
Bloody thing!!! :grimacing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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