Flight of the Year or sheer reckless endangerment?

You may have already seen this YouTube video - its got over a million hits in nine days - but, if not, it’s worth a watch. Clearly this guy is an awesome flyer but should he be allowed to own a drone? What do you think?



reckless, im not sure, this guy looks to have supreme control and i guess hes a drone racer

Haha, that he most definitely is but did you see the expression on the face of the train driver when the drone was flying alongside him? He was not pleased.

Blimey :open_mouth:

I looked on in awe as he flew what seemed like only inches above the top of the train - pretty sure I held my breath for a moment at one point too lol.

Safety wise, if he were to have crashed I doubt he’d have even chipped the paint on that train. I probably wouldn’t have flown anywhere near the train cab though…

Loved the flips, must be insane to watch that in FPV goggles :smiley:

Agreed, that train was so damn long he could’ve done anything he wanted at the back without the driver even knowing he was there. :slight_smile:

Wondering, however, if he’d managed to crash on the track under a wheel if that could’ve caused a derailment.

No way… Each carriage on that train weighs in excess of 18ton. A 500g piece of plastic sitting on the track wouldn’t even register a bump :slight_smile:

But get it in exactly the right position and combine the speed of the wheel hitting it with the time it takes to compress all the metal and plastic components and a wheel could be jarred off the track enough to cause a problem…I think.

Fair disclosure: I am not seeking to use my Mavic to derail a train of any weight, size or type anywhere in the world. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have limited knowledge of the exact physics of train derailment but extensive experience of working on the rail lines in the aftermaths of things like cars, trucks and people hitting them. Not many have derailed. Lots of stuff has forced trains off the tracks but we are talking…lorries, other trains…massive things at the wrong speed. Teeny weeny FPV racing drone built light and tiny…squish. Not even bits left big enough to be recognised afterwards. I was holding my breath watching the video though. I’m still nervy getting near trees on a still day. With a spotter. And no wind.


Wow held my breath at some moves, his awareness is amazing, how did he manage to go between the carriages and to maintain the same speed as the train going forward.

I looked at his youtube site and he is a pro fav drone racer…those tinges are teeny tiny and fast as frik. That train wasn’t going nearly fast enough to trouble him. He’s a proper well trained and practised pilot as well.

definitely a good clip. I’d love a race drone.

That’s was some amazing flying, reckless? Yes in terms of wrecking the drone but otherwise apart from going near the driver, great!

He’s an American.
When they’ve handed in, or destroyed, all their guns … then might be the time to worry about their drone flying. :wink:

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The part at 1:57 where he flips back through the top of the bridge…

… I mean I should probably just sell my MP and quit right now. :joy:


A bit reckless in being a distraction to driver or if he hit a fast moving train on other line.

Still flight of the year none the less.

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I think we can probably assume that, since he can do flips whilst threading the racing drone through the eye of a needle, he can probably manage to avoid a sodding huge train! … unless all that flying was just accidentally switching to manual mode after years of GPS mode, and trying to get it under control and a massive fluke? LOL! :wink:

Driving those long boring tracks in Nevada … the driver probably appreciated the entertainment, too.

To become that proficient at drone flying, he probably smacked up racing drones to a total value many times that of a MP.
I’ve watched some of the drone racing that’s been on Sky … bewildering skills!

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Just came across this AWESOME video.
Whilst I agree it might have been better to leave the driver out of it if that Nurk is the same Nurk from the DRL (Drone Racing League) shown on tv then his skills are at world class level

If you haven’t watched DRL look it up on sky (or Virgin ??) it is so worth it



that was entertaining