Flight Radar 24

Also noticed a couple of RAF Eurofighters escorting Rivet Joint over the black sea earlier. Never really been into this kind of stuff before, although I have always had a soft spot for the Harrier for some reason. I could sit and watch this stuff all day, I find it rather fascinating. My wife thinks I’m a weirdo, but hey ho I’ve been called worse!!!

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You are in good company here.

I’m also an aviation fan and enjoy watching this type of thing.

Also love checking the app when aircraft fly past that I’m not sure what they are etc.

Tech is great.

I was also watching rivet joint and co earlier :joy:

I had something fly over my house a few weeks ago that almost made me shit my pants. Ran inside and opened up flight radar, checked back it’s path and with help from other members found out what it was and how low it passed over me. I also have Perth Airport who’s runway approach passes over my house, so I’m constantly checking what’s coming and going!!!


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I saw that.
I live on what used to be an raf base in Doncaster.
It’s now Doncaster airport but is currently closed.
Prior to closing we had regular visits from many huge aircraft including the antanov 225 and stratotankers to name just a few.

Thankfully I’m not directly on the flight path but have seen quite a few fly low over my house when flying the circuit

You don’t see this often… An Israel Air Force Boeing 707 flying over Devon…