Flight Radar 24

I’ve been in the grey arrows for short time now so I’m learning from the best however I’m one of those types of people who likes to think I have every corner covered and I didn’t realise until two days ago that I can actually purchase an app that will provide me with a radar of real time flights passing overhead fantastic Flight radar 24 of course the best things you have to pay for but worth every penny

I love it when the DJI app pops up with a notification, did it to me the other day and I was able to fly back and watch an approaching helicopter!

The problem with Flight Radar is that not every flight is shown. The ones that aren’t displayed are often the very ones that are most likely to pose problems for drone pilots; Low flying emergency helicopters, low level military flights, paragliders, microlights etc.


Thank you so much for the insight into flight tracker very glad I mentioned itI also understand that there may be a slight delay Also which doesn’t help I’m seem to defeat the objectThanks again


I wouldn’t go the purchase route, or rather it’s a subscription. I bought the APP a few years back and when they went to a subscription based service they would only offer those whom had bought it a pitiful gesture. I use the free version now and for what we might need it covers everything.

ADS-B is not fool proof. There are many aircraft that are not required to carry the system, ironically it’s the type of aircraft that we are most likely to encounter, those that operate at low altitude in controlled airspace.

FlightRadar24 also relies on community based receivers for it’s operation, so if there isn’t a receiver in your area capable of receiving the transmissions of low flying aircraft then you won’t see them in the APP.

Building your own ADSB receiver is very easy and cheap. All that is required is a cheap Digital TV USB dongle and Zadig, a utility to patch the required driver. If you are using an Android device there are APPS that you can use with the dongle and a suitable OTG cable, similar to that used to connect your phone to your drone’s controller.

If you want to see what they want you to see close by, ADSB flight tracker is geekier but cheaper.

I use the free version too, so was a little confused when John mentioned he’d paid for it.

Fair amount of USAF activity over our skies today, is this quite common?

This is what makes RID absolutely crazy IMO. Require all MANNED craft to have ADS-B (or a similar/newer tech if you must), and then educate US on how to track it, and see if there is something. It’s in my feedback to the CAA. My DJI FPV will tell me if there is a craft nearby. As you said below it’s easy enuf to build a ground station, I’d happily look into doing my self, and was the other day.

On topic. I did get a weeks trial of it a few weeks ago to watch some friends flight, I found it alright, esp the 3d view of the plane which was quite cool. I’d easily bore though!

I used to like FR24 until I discovered ADS-B Exchange which is free. I’m not saying it’s the best but I’ve spotted aircraft on there that hasn’t showed up on FR24.

Very common, especially out of Mildenhall & Lakenheath.

4 F15’s out of Cambridge, 2 of them were escorting a pegusus something or other for a while

Prestwick is another busy airport for US military aircraft refuelling before the transatlantic flight.

They appear to be from Mildenhall (US base) probably training with the good weather we have today.

There’s also a couple of RAF Eurofighters as part of the QRF out of Conningsby

Been buzzing over York all day

Fighters are based at Lakenheath…Mildenhall is transport and refuelling aircraft including Rivet Joint and Special Ops Ospreys.

Just going off what it says on fr24 my friend.

It wasn’t a criticism :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s where the various aircraft are based, that was all.

No worries at all. Always happy to grow my knowledge.

They also seem to be up here too

And its even worse with Fr24 vs AdsbExchange, 360Radar etc.

You’re right in that only aircraft transmitting ADS-B will show and the majority that dont are low level stuff you’re most interested in (GA, rotary, military).

Fr24 makes it worse by having a huge opt-out list that any owner can join which means even if their aircraft IS sending ADSB, it wont show.

The other apps are better but again with the caveat that although they can show you for sure something IS in your area, they can’t definitely tell you something isnt.