Flight records on M2P

I just bought a second hand M2P fly more on eBay for £1300, it’s not the one who wanted payment by bank transfer. Anyway my question is about flight records, are they saved on the aircraft or on the device DJI 4Go is running on?

Reason being I would like the guy to send me the flight records if not on the aircraft.

Just as a side there was a M2P with flymore combo on eBay brand new for £580!!! To good to be true, well yes he want payment by bank transfer only. I thought I would have a bit of a play on this and so I sent a message asking how I could trust you, the reply came back saying look at his feedback, which was good. So knowing I would not go through with the transaction I clicked Buy it Now and waited to see what happened. It went into my list as an unpaid item, and after a few minutes I got a message from the seller with his bank details, which seemed to be outof the UK as there was an international account no and not a simple sort code and account number. I then reported it to eBay and called them and told them I clicked on Buy it Now before I realised he wanted payment outside eBay. She said thanks for reporting it and said they would not hold it against me, but to ask the seller to cancel the order and not to worry if they wouldn’t.


Encrypted DAT files on the aircraft and basic log files on the device used.

Theres currently no way of reading the onboard files.

What is it your after? Cant imagine he’d send you a log file for all its flights, I wouldn’t.

You could ask for a screenshot on GO4 app of usage but it would only show flights on that device if it’s not been synced to DJI.


No, me neither :slight_smile:

Fair play for wasting a scammers time though, I’m all for that :+1:t2:


I am a bit surprised the listing is still there, I thought eBay would have taken it down and slapped the sellers wrist.

@callum @PingSpike
Thanks for your help, I’ll ask him for a screenshot.

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Sadly, I’m not surprised in the least - eBay don’t seem to care at all :confused:


Perhaps we should all buy it now :wink:


I’m game :smiley:

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It says he has sold 6, one of which is me, it was at 4 sold before I did. It would be really interesting to see if any of them actually get a drone.

I think it’s a given that all they’ll get is grief :confused:

I think it’s a prime example for the saying “If it’s too good to be true, it generally is “.
Hope you enjoy the M2P you did get.
Take care. Peter

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The guy who ‘owns’ the account seems legit enough

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£1300 for a 2nd hand one :question:
brand new one costs £1349 I get it that £49 is still £49 but you don’t have any fall back with warranty etc

And well done for wasting the scammers time.

This is a prime example of why I do not trust eBay anymore it’s all about profit :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

I’ll be seriously impressed if you can find the M2P with Flymore for £1,349 new!

Oh - and you can get a brand new one without Flymore for £,299. :wink:

I apologise I did not realise it was a fly more version. I actually didn’t bother with the fly more kit because it comes with staff that I don’t need.The only decent things in the Fly more kit are the two batteries and Extra props

That is with the fly more pack, it hasn’t been used much, these are the battery charges, 1 battery has 6 charges, 1 battery has 10 charges, 1 battery has 7 charges, so it hasn’t flown much.

I got 3 messages from eBay this morning saying the listing had been taken down, as has a listing for a phone that had the same bank transfer only stuff. Also in the letter eBay said they thought thought that the sellers account had been compromised, in other words hacked, and a few scam listings put on the sellers account. I can sort of go with that, if you look on his account he has a very good feedback score, only one negative feedback in the last twelve months, and his business details bear no resemblance to the details of the bank transfer message I was sent.

You obviously checked out at companies house and all looked well.

eBay offered advice in the messages I got this morning, but if a transaction takes place outside of eBays system then they are not responsible for it, which is in their terms and conditions for both sellers and buyers. They did offer advice and help on other ways you could atttempt to recover your loss.

So the upshot is that if you keep within eBay’s rules you should be fine as you have their protection and if you use PayPal then you also have protection from them as well.

All my eBay transactions go through PayPal and have only had good experience with both even on the few occasions when things didn’t go quite right.

The bag is excellent, still use mine. Everything plus a 4th battery fits comfortably.

Car charger and hub also really handy.

It also fits the category of ‘extra bag’ on most airlines, so you can take this as well as your ‘drag on’. Handy at security too as you don’t end up emptying the larger bag to show the drone/batteries.

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My m2p lives in my flymore bag as well, if I’m taking other stuff I drop the flymore bag inside the bigger backpack.
Only thing that doesn’t realy fit in the smaller bag is the landing pad.

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