Flooding at Snaith, Yorkshire 27.2.20

It was very very windy, I woul judge it to have been on the very limit of the MP. But she handled it like a dream.


Damned useful all this shite weather, then! :wink:


Give it 2 weeks of sunshine and we’ll have a hosepipe ban.
On a more serious note, trains are unable to get into Drax power station so it has had to shut down its generating capacity. The country now has a shortfall of 15% of its electric key. I understand Greta Thurnburg is said to be delighted, and the polar bears can be happy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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And they only hold 3 days supply of BioMass.

It would be a shame if your air conditioned control centre became uncomfortable and you have to put boots and a coat on instead of slippers and a cardigan… :flushed:

I usually wrap up warm when I’m out clubbing… seals.

Better know to us “mere mortals” as…
Chicken Shit" :poop:

There’s still two units churning it out!!

I’ll sling another polar bear on the barbie, every little helps.

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