Florida's Gulf Coast - shorten the winter

Hi all,

So officially my second video.
Winter trip to Florida. My fave bit is Sanibel lighthouse…
Took me 15 hours of editting on iMovie. Pretty impressed with the SW as its “free”. Would be interested to know if Final Cut Pro is worth spending money on?

Played with lots of modes on the M2P. I love this thing, I just cant get over the tech.

Id like to step up the music: however in the meantime, happy to support soundimages on here.

Next step is to learn how to incorporate panoramas in a vid - if it can be done? I may put a Question thread up on that later

Ive set up a YT channel “STAGscapes” and will put a begging note up on relevant category later.

Hope you enjoy, feedback appreciated


Looks like an amazing trip.
Well worth all that effort editing.
Thanks for sharing.

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Great video, thanks for sharing

If you have the basics of iMovie, FCP follows the same principals and is ‘just’ a beefed up better educated, slicker big brother. Hefty outlay but there are always ways round it ;o)

Chris , you are a gent. The keetle is always on in Leics;)

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As we say in Yorkshire.

You’re very welcome Steve, enjoy

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