Flower of May near Filey


Stunning Frank :heart_eyes::ok_hand:

Cheers Steve :+1:

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Top video! Love it at 2:43 when the seal appears to casually waves up at the drone!


Haha yes it does. Cheers Tony :+1:

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You might want to consider a gimbal re-calibration … because the horizon seems a little off in a few places …

The vid gets my seal of approval, though :clap::clap: . :wink:


Yes Dave I’ve noticed that. Never done a one before is it in the Go4 app or DJI assist?

Definitely in the Go4 app … the three dots at top right, then select the gimbal icon, and it’s in there somewhere.

Only done one once (or twice) after removing/replacing my gimbal.

Also - I know I’ve inadvertently caught the button/wheel combo (can’t recall what that is. LOL) that enables you to roll the camera horizon … took me a while, whilst in Italy on a long holiday, to find that one and correct it. That might be all it needs. Worth checking on the kitchen table … if it powers up with horizontal things horizontal, then that was probably the cause and a re-cal isn’t needed.

Thanks mate will have a look at that.
It was a long time back but I had a little argument with a tree and the gimbal wouldn’t be level after powering up the drone but after waggling the gimbal around while turned off seemed to fix it. Hopefully it’s not damaged.

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Stunning shots there Frank. Love the intial shots of the mist over the sea and land and the seal footage is captivating. Big thumbs up from me.

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C2 + Right Wheel is ringing a bell? :thinking:


Could be - rarely use it. Actually, I make a point of not using it so that I keep my fingers clear from accidentally nudging it. :wink:

Just knowing it’s somewhere should I need it is enough for me. LOL!
Chances are, whilst actually flying, the correct fingers would find the correct buttons/wheels.

Just trying to find it with the wheel tried c2 and wheel not working though.

Thank you Steve. :+1:

Very nicely done.

Thank you Paul :+1: