Fly a right-angle with Litchi and DJI Mini 2

Spent the afternoon Googling so hopefully this is not a dumb question.

I want to create a Litchi mission with a right-angle. Let’s assume the mission is to fly North and then have a waypoint to turn East. I want the heading to change at the waypoint from North to East - I don’t want a gradual change.

I tried stacking two waypoints on top of each other - the first (arrival) with a North heading, the second (departure) with an East heading, but although the web designer allows this, when I load it into my phone I get a “validation” error saying the waypoints are too close together.

I have tried setting my waypoint heading to North (same as the initial startpoint), and then an action for ROTATE to East, which the drone does whilst sitting at the waypoint … but before setting off to the East it rotates back so it is facing North and then sets off towards the East steadily rotating from North-to-East so that it arrives heading/facing East.

The mission is in a tight flying area (in my garden) so I don’t want a curve flight path as there isn’t room - basically what I want is “Fly up this path and turn right at the junction” without cutting the corner!

Which drone is the mission for @OldCodger ?

Thanks. DJI Mini 2.

Just bang in a pause (or turn off curves)

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Blooming heck, of all the things I fiddled with that wasn’t one of them!

I’ll give that a bash, thanks. (Curves is already turned off)

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Are you testing your missions beforehand as a VLM in Google Earth ?

Makes life easier while the weather is so shite

Thanks, I tried that once early on but not to debug this particular issue, I’ll give it another go.

The method I’ve been using is to fly to each waypoint at about eye-height, rotate the drone to line up for the next waypoint, press hotkey to record that in Litchi and fly to the next waypoint. Then change flying height to, say, 12 feet and fly the mission at a brisk walking speed to make sure I don’t crash into any bushes!

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