Fly App (Android) Auto Sync

Before I start, I turn off auto sync. Fly. Sync to Airdata. Backup DJI folders to Onedrive. Enable sync. Let it do it’s stuff. Disable sync. Backup DJI folders to Onedrive - quite a lot of files updated/created.

Somewhere I read that it’s best to disable sync because if I later need the log files, they’re not there (or something like that). My method means I have pre and post sync files.

Anyway, to the point. Quite often I enable sync, go into the summary screen and it says there’s a log to upload. Click upload, moments later says it’s done. Back to home screen, back to summary, log to upload. At the moment I’ve done this about 10 times for 1 log file.

It’s done it a lot in the past so it’s not a specific app version that’s the problem.

Anyone else experience this or am I wasting my time keeping sync off?

Going by that mammoth post, yes :rofl:

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My AirData account pulls directly from my DJI account, I don’t need to manually sync anything, ever? :thinking:

This goes back to discussions about getting access to logs off the phone to investigate any problems. The advice at the time was to disable sync because it removed the logs after sync’ing.

In which case, sorry, but I don’t know what the question is now :rofl:

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Hmm, not sure myself now. I think…

Does the Fly app delete local log files after it has sync’d to DJI?

Sorry, I have no idea, I’ve never needed to know/look as everything I need is on AirData :grimacing:

I’ll step out at this point :blush: