Flyer ID has changed and is different to my A2 CofC one

Hi, I thought I might re-take the Flyer test again as it has changed significantly recently, CAA said this is fine and will update your ID date from taking the new test, assuming you pass… So I took it, its a lot tougher now and I managed to get 39 out of 40 right, they dont like you flying over peoples houses if you know they are inside… WTF, not what the CAA guy on You tube said, try and fly the eves or centre of the roof, not anymore, Anyway, they updated the end date of my Flyer ID, 5 years, BUT with a NEW ID, so my embossed, credit card A2 CofC ID is now no longer valid as has a different ID, checked the site and my old ID no longer exists… contacted the CAA and told them they need to pay for a new plastic credit card type ID for me, I wish they had said you will loose your old ID on the website, it now actually says A1 and A3, I would not have bothered if I had known, I’m waiting to hear back from them… Cheers


Why bother ?

Why not got go full hog and take your theory and driving test too :wink:


Ha-ha… I did, ROSPA advanced driving test, saved me £60 on my insurance and the course is free… I was hoping the same for my Drone insurance but the CAA say no… :worried: and I just wanted to know what the new questions were… :grinning:

How do you get an embossed card? Just got my A2 and this sounds fab

All manner to choose from on eBay @Chillibadger

I got mine from here. :+1:


The new 5 year Flying ID test has 40 questions now and is a lot tougher. Took mine a couple of months ago. got 38 out of 40.

Still multiple guess and while ever you can have another browser window open it’s not a proper test is it :wink:

Hi, agreed but who would have another window open, they would have to be a bit sad…

Probably no sadder than revsiting an exam on a ‘qualification’ that still has 3 years left to run ;o)

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Ha-ha… some of us want to better ourselves, from what you said clearly you are not one of them, why dont you try the new test and let us know how you scored, and no cheating having another window open with the answers, I must admit it made me stop and think and still I got one wrong, Cheers

No win contest :o)

Happy with my qualifications.

I enjoy the flying bit more, especially as it’s such good weather

I’m not going to say its a bit to hot, I’m down on South Coast, as I’ve done more flying in the last few weeks than last 9 months, but a cool breeze doesn’t go amiss.
Happy flying. Cheers

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