“FlyIcarus” drone claim experience

Hello everyone.
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Just wanted to share my experience with “FlyIcarus” drone insurance provider claim.I’m amateur drone user, flying for my pleasure.

Basically what happened it’s mostly my fault and some mixture of circumstances like damaged cable and sun glare. I wanted to fly and film some shots above the water canal where I flew before to get extra footage.

Cutting long story short I crashed my drone (MavicPro) into the water and it sank.

Made online insurance claim, filled up questionnaire of how it’s happened, had to upload flight logs and on Saturday I was paid £809,10 originally claim came up to £899 for the drone and minus excess of £89,90.

MavicPro is no longer on sale from DJI so that’s why I was paid in cash.

Whole process from claim to cash took almost 3 weeks.

On the top of everything I still got remote and one battery, plus spare props and carry bag.

So in my opinion it’s worth to have this insurance as they cover almost all possible situations.



That’s very reassuring, I was thinking about taking out a policy with them and I think I will now

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Sorry to hear of your loss, but, reassuring to think they are a good Company to deal with.
Thanks for your information.
I too, am insured with them.

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I just took out insurance on my mobility insurance, public liability and accidental damage, one of the questions was have I made any claims for a mobility scooter, no mention of any other type of insurance.

I have also been looking to take out home contents insurance, their question asks “have you made any home insurance claims in the last 5 years”.

So in both these cases any previous claims are specific to the type of insurance you wish to take out, and not any insurance claims for anything, so I doubt very much a drone insurance claim will have any effect on your car or house insurance.