Flying a Drone in Belgium and France? Is it even possible?

I’m planning to drive across to Belgium and France on somewhat of a history tour hoping to fly my drone near world war and medieval sites but I just need some clarity on the geomaps…

For context I have a DJI Mini 3 (249g) and have my operator ID and have done my training.

- I’ve seen people have flown drones in Belgium, specifically Bruges but it appears to red on the map or is a pink zone a thing and therefore have different rules (height restrictions) - I read something online.

As for France, well that looks like ANYTHING that is populated is Red and therefore I would be prohibited from flying in those places. I am planning to visit Bayeux, Caen, Mont Saint-Michel, Omaha Beach and a few other places.

Could someone who has experience flying (or not being able to fly) at those places, reach out!

Much appreciated!

One thing to remember is that (as we are no longer part of the EU), you need to get a EU Flyer ID.

I got one from a company in Luxembourg (It was free, and in English)

Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet, so an no use in regards to the ‘Red blobs’ on the map :slight_smile:


These may help -

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France can be a nightmare, I have been a few times and if there is any sort of hamlet, village, town they seem to restrict drones. I wouldn’t bother taking it to France unless you want to photograph empty farmers fields.

Not tried Belgium

Yeah, thank you. I got mine with the French system Alphatango and it was pretty easy to do.

Thank you! That was my fear, to be honest. What a shame! Looks like I will be using my camera in France then! :laughing:

I think Belgium is far more relaxed than France :crossed_fingers: