Flying around EMPTY stadium

Been watching some youtube videos of various people flying around football stadiums.

these stadiums are empty, the drone doesn’t appear to leave VLOS, so whats the legality on that?

i’d love to get all 92 league clubs done… obviously staying within the law (i’m putting that in to stop the lecturing… before anyone starts)

i’ve looked and can’t find anything that says it’s illegal, although i can’t find anything that also says it’s legal.

I’ve got one of them :rofl:

NFZ freaked out and wouldn’t let me take off first attempt, I had to jump through a few hoops on the DJI site to unlock the NFZ (another reason for me wanting to roll back to .700 - which I’m going to attempt tomorrow).

In terms of legalities, I’m no lawyer but if the stadium is empty I don’t see it being different to any other type of building. Common sense is probably all that’s required :slight_smile:

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And completely off topic for a moment, anyone know what the hell those things on the pitch are?!

They looked like goal posts with lights?!

Are they treating the grass perhaps?

They look like illuminated goals … but smaller than normal … 5-a-side? … and they’re on wheels.

Does such a thing exist?

Is that what they are?!

Absolutely no idea! I’ve probably exhausted my total knowledge of football in 1 post! :stuck_out_tongue:
(OK - I also know England won the world cup in '66, Southampton won the FA Cup in '76, and in the early 70s Mick Channon’s wife used to cut my hair.)

I think they are heat lamps to encourage growth of the Grass

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You might be onto something … Cannabis lamps to grow grass at Rochdale football pitch.

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Well I never…

That’s what I learnt today!

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That Is Not What I Typed @OzoneVibe and this image is at Wigan :eyes:

Haha! Don’t shoot the messenger. :slight_smile:
I just followed your idea and googled “grass heater lamps” and it was the 3rd (non Ad) return.
Wigan/Rochdale - much the same (distance) from the south coast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spike, how did u jump theough loops on the dji site, i wanted fly my mavic over the bet365 stadium (stoke city) and i got the NFZ

You need to go to the GEO-UNLOCK direction at

Once there, log in, choose your aircraft from the drop down list, then click the area on the map:

Scroll down a bit more and enter the start date. I think they auto-fill in the end date (they just add 3x days).

Then enter the serial number of the REMOTE, not of the aircraft :wink:

You can find the serial in the Advanced settings of the GO4 app :+1:

DJI then send a text message to your mobile.

Enter the code they send you in to the Verify section on their site.


(See what I mean about jumping through hoops?)

Then in your GO4 app you need to sync/download your authorisations.

That’s it, you’re good to go!

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Bloody hell ! I know what u mean about jumping through hoops. Where about on the go4 app do you sync/download the authorisation

It’s bit of a nightmare isn’t it?

Fast forward to about 5:40 on this video - DJI Tutorials - How to Unlock Geo Zones - YouTube and you’ll see where the unlock sync options are hiding :slight_smile:

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Any luck @chrishackney1985?

Had a quick look on the dji website today. Seen where you put the dates in. Going go for a fly new years day over the stadium. If it lets me. And of course not bloody raining

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THAT is going to be the hard part :smiley:

I think they are fpv race gates for multigp Lol


Ha! If I’d had thought of that at the time I’d have given it a go :rofl:

And welcome to Grey Arrows @mayfly :+1: