Flying around Frinton

Sometimes it’s just about having a bit of fun…

Day out at Frinton on Sea, with endless beach huts, jet skis and the biggest kite I’ve ever seen flying…




Bloody hell, you had an entire beach to yourselves :open_mouth: :+1:

That dragon kite was fantastic, I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life!! Did you speak to the ‘pilot’?

Completely and utterly worn out doggies at the end of a throughly exciting day for them?From one dog lover to another, there’s no better sight eh, they look so content :paw_prints: :heart:

It did look like we had the beach to ourselves… We went down on Saturday as I figured most people like to “Go Shopping” on Saturday mornings rather than enjoy great weather down the beach! And I was right!

I did indeed speak to the pilot of the kite; in fact I asked his permission to fly around his kite on the basis I would send him pictures and email the YT footage, and unsurprisingly he loved the idea. As long as I stayed high up above his £6,000 kite. I kid you not. Six Grand. Hence most of my footage is so far above. I wasn’t taking any chances lol!


Did he not know he could have bought an Inspire 2 and still had money left over for fish and chips afterwards?!

I’ll take the Inspire 2 and a fortnight in Bora Bora please

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