Flying around Hednesford Hills Raceway, Staffordshire

I used to work as part of the track crew here every other Sunday in the early 80s. Was great fun watching the hotrods trying to beat the 12 second barrier for the 1/4 mile or the bangers hit seven shades of crap out of each other. :laughing: Cant believe 40 yrs has past since my last visit. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The wind was pretty brisk with 25+mph gusts and my signal kept dropping out. Took 2 batteries to get 5 minutes of useful footage (I’m afraid I’m no @clinkadink)! Sadly, no hotrods on the day I filmed as it gets extremely manic, if I recall correctly, on race days.

I’ll put a DS entry in with more detail, but a great place to fly.

Oh… and see if you can spot the monkey face towards the end (or is it just my overwrought imagination)?

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Loved that Col :clap: Well done mate. Nice flight and great edit :+1:

Will you get a copyright strike for the Cars backing audio? Maybe because it’s nearly 40 years old, it’s fine. I added the Game of Thrones music to my ‘Winter is Coming’ vid, and I soon received some flak from YT. Personally, I think the music goes really well with the vid.


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Thx Chris. Yes I got the standard Copyright notice ‘but the owner allows its use on YouTube…no impact on your channel.’

My channel isn’t monetised on YT, but I guess it would be a different story if it was, I suspect.

I didn’t do a narration on this one cus I didn’t want to spoil the track :rofl::rofl::rofl: (obviously pun intended)… Oh and Good spot on the monkey, I had a bet on that you’d get it. :laughing: