Flying at Dartmoor

so in August im going campiing near dartmoor /(nearer to Barnstaple) on there website look att number 18 on the list about BYELAWS, aanyone know if this is just hogwash or what ?

tthanks for the insight :slight_smile:

Their site shows this…give them a bell…or e mail. Media enquiries

Want to film on Dartmoor? We can advise on locations and permissions.


Phone: 01626 831045


To me that looks like it is the particular bylaw rather than a list about it and who would argue that a Drone is not a model aircraft considering the intent of the bylaw?
I think @AIRAC is spot on. Thats the way to find out if and where they’ll grant permission.

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You are not permitted to fly drones on the Dartmoor National park I know I live very close by, you are unlikely to be given permission.

Yea might miss the park bit then :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: