Flying at Old Sarum, Wiltshire

A topic to discuss flying at Old Sarum, Wiltshire.

This area is right next to old Sarum airfield which is covered by Boscombe down Matz.
Did you phone and get clearance to fly your drone here?
I think this needs to be pointed out and noted that go skydive use the old Sarum airfield to take off and land whilst parachuting is also prevalent in this area. As it states in Drone assist .

I checked my apps on the day and there was nothing listed. The airport was there but I was well outside that area… I always check when planning a trip and upon arrival. I see there is now a listing for parachutes. I didn’t see that on the day in question, perhaps I just didn’t see it, but that is strange as stated I always check There was certainly no evidence of any other aircraft or parachutists in the area…

My apologies if I made a mistake, but I honestly don’t know how that could happen.

Others should check on the day.

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It’s nearly 3km away, I don’t think you need to ring anyone to fly a drone here @Iflydrone ? :thinking:

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You are looking at the wrong runway / airfield .
The one you are pointing out 3 k away is boscombe down, the one I am referring to is old Sarum airfield whose end of runway is about 300 meters or so from old castle monument if you look at drone scene or drone assist this whole area is covered with and orange circle with all the detail as I mentioned. As they have not got a tower there or an ATC at the mo this is covered by boscombe down MATZ.

I was looking at that one because that’s what you said:


There is no FRZ over the Old Sarum Airfield, which is why it’s yellow and not red.

That’s why I was wondering who / why you needed to seek permission from :slight_smile:

I actually said boscombe down Matz. Which means boscombe down air traffic control monitor this airfields movements when they are operational and swanwick when boscombe down ATC are not.
So what you are implying is it’s ok for a drone to be operated by an airfield …
I think not. Without permission.

no FRZ, how would one know that one needs permission?

that is the point of an FRZ.

just because there is an airfield close by does not mean it is in use or frequent use.

the concern is risk of collision and impact of that collision

next you will be saying that because there is a helipad then permission should be sought because a helicopter COULD land there…

one of those instances were a pilot should have their eyes and ears open, they are luckily not making electric powered planes yet so they do normally make some noise… (gliders accepted)

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Yeah I saw that, and clicked the quote button on it.

I’m not implying anything, I’m asking why you think you need to ring anyone for permission to fly a drone here:


Well it would appear you all know better than me.
But for clarification why is this area on both Drone scene and Drone assist coloured orange on the maps?
Why does this orange circle not appear on the air maps above?
Are drone scene and drone assist out of date.

This circle :thinking:

Yes that’s the one

Well, my interpretation of “There is an increased risk of encountering aerial vehicle at this location” is that it is OK to fly here but I should keep a very good eye out for other airspace users. I don’t believe that any permission to fly is required as it isn’t in a FRZ.

There is a similar yellow area near to me for an airfield which operates gliders. I fly in it without asking for permission and have never seen an aircraft when flying the drone. If an aircraft was approaching anywhere near the area in which I was flying, I would land. That is the point of flying VLOS.

Oddly this is a location I plan on flying in the very near future.

It’s clearly marked as an area of increased aerial activity so I shall carry out my risk assessment on site that very day. Will I be informing others of my plan to fly there, no!

Quite simply it’s not an FRZ.


Looks like a good place to add to Drone Scene too :slight_smile:


I’ve flown there years ago, did all my checks and mid flight a plane appeared from the nearby airfield, flew right through my drones location, thankfully I was lower as only just took off. The plane came in low first and then spiralling to get height. Having had a close escape I decided to land drone and not try anymore.