Flying blind

Trying to view anything on my S9+ when attached to the controller is a utterly pointless.

I’ve looked at all sorts of attachments to raise the screen etc.

Can anyone suggest a good remedy for this problem?

What exact problem are you having mate? Glare?

If it’s to do with brightness, Samsung’s only reach peak brightness when automatic is set to on.

I have tried a few and now using the one in the link below, it’s a bit like the Mavmount, but a hell of a lot cheaper. I use it with my 8" Asus Zenpad, but would work with your S9+.
I was using my S8 but found it too small as I could not read the warnings that come up, so hence the 8" tab.


I also put a matte screen protector on the tab, this has stopped all the reflections and then got a sun guard which needed a bit of modification, but it does the job.

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Sorry, yes glare. All I can see is my face lol

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I use this one as well with the iPad Pro

Thanks for that :grinning:

Set your brightness to max and then make sure auto brightness is switched on. Without Auto brightness it will never hit its peak.

I use a shade like this on ipad but you’d need to choose size that suits your phone.

That and a mount like the guys suggested should make a big difference.

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