Flying in fireworks

It will soon be the night of whizzes and bangs, I’m hoping to get my Mavic airborne to catch some displays, any tips ?. My biggest concern is getting hit by a rocket

It’d be great to get some pictures and videos.

I guess altitude is key? How high does the average rocket go?

The odds of getting struck must be really slim though! There’s a lot of airspace up there :smiley:

What sort of settings would you use for capture?

I’m thinking need a higish ISO hope to get away with 400, my photography background would use a long exposure so need to factor that into video.

Some thought will need to be given to location too I guess.

Any big organised displays you were thinking of capturing?

Don’t know what it’s like where you live, but round this way it sounds like world war three is taking place - it’s absolute mayhem. You could take off from pretty much anywhere in a ten mile radius here and you’d not be short of fireworks to film :smiley:

Local to me Buile hill park put on a decent display, last year I planned to take some photos from Media city getting the fireworks in the background, unfortunately I miss calculated and didn’t see anything lol. Will try from a little closer this year.
I did think of going to the Fireworks world championships in Blackpool but didnt get around to it