Flying in freezing fog

Went to do my flight this morning, it was foggy and -1° . It’s the first time I’ve flown in sub zero. I had to cut the flight short as kept getting motor current errors. On landing I found quite a bit of ice on the props ( i think this was causing the errors ) and body. I was quite glad as my hands were cold anyway.
I’m just gutted as I couldn’t get the shots I had planned for, but did get some other shots,( I’ll post on Sunday when I get home).
ATC at East Midlands airport were brilliant, they said for me just to drop them a line next time I want to fly in their CTR/FRZ.


I was out in it this morning too. Arrived at the location about 45 mins before sunrise, ice on the ground but the air was clear. As soon as the sun came up the freezing fog rolled in and I called it a day. Luckily I managed to get the shots I wanted.

Where were you flying?

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Breedon on the Hill.


I tried as well but as soon as it got to app 100ft it started throwing errors so gave up (-2° +misty)


Flown a few times over the years in sub-zero conditions but (thankfully) have never had any of these issues.

Did you guys leave the drone in the car overnight? Did it start cold? :thinking:

How long did you hover for before heading off?

And were these all Mavic 2s ?

Love to read this as I’m 15 mins from mme and wondered what they would say if I called to fly near there one day. With all their 2 or 3 flights a day …


I rang them on Tuesday and they sent a form for me to fill in. I sent it back as a PDF and got permissions an hour later. I rang just before take off to get final authorisation then again once finished to let them know. A painless experience.


I got that too this morning had my back pack in the footwell with the heater on for 30 min drive only got the issue for first 30 sec of hover then it cleared and went flying I now have 5 batteries for my Mavic pro had 2 in my pocket my right hand fingers got really frozen :joy:


Stunning photo @Scubadave63 :clap:t2:

Cheers mate that makes the freezing of bits worth while :pray::ok_hand:

Went out at about 10am, found a place 10 mins in the car from our place. Re-calibrated and started flying at still -2°to 0°. When the battery gave low level warning I packed up and went back to the car. My finger tips were hurting with the pain while warming up. Mavic mini on the other hand, never murmured!! Video in appropriate section :sunglasses:


The results of the foggy morning on Saturday are up in the video section

I spoke to ATC in Scotland and they were very nice. Happy to talk to me.
Appreciative for the information.


Another good result with ATC yesterday. E-mailed a new request to East Midlands 10 minutes later they rang me to give me an authorisation number. Awesome service.