Flying in italy

Thinking of taking my MA to Italy
Does anyone know of any restrictions in Italy or at Gatwick ?

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This may help re Italy. Flown there a lot - never had any problem from the police, other than one that wanted pics of his house. :+1:

I tend to fly in more remote places, so often nobody knows I’m there.

Can’t help re Gatwick … I’ve only ever driven to France/Switzerland/Austria/Italy/Belgium/Germany with my drones.


I have been through Gatwick last year, twice, Once to the Caribbean (Bridgetown), once to Sofia in Bulgaria, I had no problem with my Mavic Pro.
I think the UK Security is getting use to them now.
They never even stopped me and asked to check my bags.
The only advice I can give you is what I done.
I had my Mavic Pro in the same case as my Canon Camera, with its single battery (in case they wanted to power it up).
Make sure your batteries are ALL in your cabin baggage, with terminals protected against shorting, AND in Fireproof Bags.
NOTE: ALL the batteries must not have more than 25 to 30% charge in them when you fly, that is what the CAA recommend.
I had the other 2 batteries, remote, etc in my small suitcase that I took in the Cabin, together with the Camera Bag.
If you are stopped at the Gate and asked to put your Bags in the hold, tell them “you are not allowed to place Lipo Batteries in the hold” insist that they MUST go with you in the Cabin (Loading Personnel SHOULD know this!).
Follow that, and your should have no problems !


where in italy


Land of Barolo! My favourite wine! :wink: