Flying in light rain/drizzle?

That’s what cars are for - sitting in whilst flying your drone in the cold/wet/:fire::fire:.

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I want to share something I’ve been working on.
My patented new All Weather Flight System. This amazing feet in technology will allow you to fly where you want, when you want without the worries of your drone getting weather damage.
Any sales enquiries on the AWFS please feel free to pm me for further information. :+1:


I’m no Dragon, but your business plan may be flawed by the use of paper umbrellas :thinking:

But they match the props :grinning:

I’m in.

Take my money!

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Damn it rich never thought of that one in the design back to the drawing board mate. :smile:

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Well it is dual purpose a safety system should
Your drone lose power mid flight. :+1:

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I’m in to donate to Kickstarter :wink:

Love it

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