Flying in London! πŸ˜‰



Waypoint flight
Waypoint flight

Is this how a virtual mission for Litchi looks?


Yes indeed. :+1:


You should see what Google earth looks like in the Vive - I have spent hours wandering around :blush:


Can’t be London…

There’s no traffic :rofl:


I dunno. The only vehicles are stationary ones. Sounds about right? :wink:


@TassyWass - here’s another I’ve been playing with of somewhere more β€œflyable”. It will auto-play when you open it in Google Earth.
Make sure both Terrain and 3D Buildings are turned on in GE.
May need to run it twice to cache all the rendering info - depending on internet/computer speed.

It still needs a little smoothing - and it’s set to run twice about twice as fast as I’ll use when I get the chance.

Virtual (9.0 KB)


Have you met the man with the pixelated face?