Flying in Morocco?

Does anyone have a definitive answer on this, please?

I’ve done a good Google, and found the same posts saying “Yes, it’s ok”, and then “No, it’s illegal - they will confiscate!”.

Apparently, there is an MCAA, but again, can’t find that online!



Try searching Morocco Autorisation d’Exploitation d’un Aéronef Sans Pilote

It’s all in French

The only person I know to have gone to Morocco (by car ferry from Spain) with their drone did have the drone confiscated on arrival, but was able to collect the drone on departure back to Spain.

This was in early 2015 - so obviously things may have changed.
Tourism is a very significant income for the country - so they may have had to change their tactics … but I’d add it’s most definitely not a place the try and sneak it in or fly where you shouldn’t if you discover that you can take one.

It’s a fantastic country - loved my time there - long before drones, but still flying … paragliding. :+1:

The first item Googling that brings up a 2014 document … so … pre my friend’s experience in 2015.

(Not that I’ve read further than to see it’s an almost 9 year old doc)

According to the DroneMate App - Morocco is a no go:

Appreciate all the replies here.

I guess seeing a couple say ou could, but nothing official, I was hoping it was just hard to find. Looks like it’s a no!