Flying in Snowdonia

Hi there,
I’ll get a few days off in Snowdonia, and my Rekon 5 LR (6s Li-Ion) will be with me.
The main goal should be hiking with my wife, but we agreed to let me fly a couple of packs a day.
Do you have any suggestion on the locations to visit (and fly) or specific paths to follow?


Watch out for low-flying military jets in Snowdonia.

RAF Valley is the fighter training school for the UK and that is their playground.
This website will give you more info on the areas to avoid with the drone but maybe visit with a camera!

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Thanks! Didn’t know about that.
Anyway, it looks like it takes place only between 10 and 11 am in “the loop”

Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 11.44.41

Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 11.44.57

According to

"Operational low flying is an essential skill and is practised by fixed wing aircraft between 100 feet and 250 feet; a more representative altitude at which pilots would fly in a combat scenario. The final decision to use a TTA is taken on the day itself as this kind of training can only take place when weather conditions allow.

When a TTA is active, routine low flying by other military users can take place between 500 feet and 2000 feet. When the TTA is not in use standard low flying training is permitted down to 250 feet and helicopters down to ground level. Late spring and summer are the busiest times for low flying as squadrons make full use of good weather to carry out their training."

There are films on YT showing low flying fast movers at dusk, so I should stay away. And don’t forget, choppers can go all the way down to Surface level.

Thanks for the details.
However, I’m travelling to the northern part of Snowdonia (Glyder Fawr):

Is it safer there?

They fly from RAF Valley which is on Anglesey so typically fly all around that area.

I would definitely seek out more local advice before flying in that area - I think we have some members from that way on

I lived in the area for a number of years prior to taking up drone flying so I can remember the aircraft flying often but never flew in the area myself.

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I don’t know if this is still live but this address is from the RAF itself.

“Regional Community Relations Officers can assist with more local information
and complaints, and can be contacted as follows:”

Royal Air Force Community Relations Officer (Wales)
The Barracks
Tel: 01874 613 889
Fax: 01874 613 897

Up in the Glyders is ok, as is Aber Falls off the A55, Forget the Ogwen Valley its WAY too dangerous for a quad anywhere in the pass - the fighters just randomly appear regularly. Llanberis is good so long as you stay away from the tourist spots - either the castle or the Quarry on the opposite side of the lake are fine. If you take any of the Snowdon paths, after a mile or so if you wander off the track theres some great flying opportunities. The best spots are higher, around any of the glacial lakes. Keep a good eye/ear out tho, your definitely won’t be the only quad in the air unless your high up. Forget it around any of the villages, locals will be delighted to blast it out of the air - other than that its ticketyboo !! lol