Flying in Switzerland on top of a mountain - Advice?

Hello, I have been asked to do some drone flying and filming in Switzerland. Specifically filming on a mountain and by a lake. I’ve got a DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro with an A2CoFC (UK) and commercial insurance that covers me for flights internationally.

Has anyone ever flown outside of the UK/specifically Switzerland or EASA countries? Was the process easy? I have registered with EASA and I’ve passed their exam for the A1/A3 license.

Anyone with experience traveling on flight with your Mavic Mini 3 Pro to Europe? What was it like? did you get lots of questions? did you need paperwork (Carnet) etc.

I’m open to any input here - It’s all new to me.


I think I figured it out. (not that anyone cares :rofl:). But if any lurkers out there want to know how to get your EASA and fly in Europe. I’m giving it a go. See the route I’ve plotted below:

  1. Register at this site CH-LOGIN - Leider ist etwas schief gelaufen.
  2. You must do the EASA (EU version of CAA Drone Code) exam to get your Flyer ID in the Open Category A1/A3 sub category. You must do this test in one of the official Swiss languages - French/German or Italian.
  3. Follow any of the local laws / regulations for drone flying.

Top Tip: once you Register and get an EASA Flyer ID you don’t need to do it again for any of the other EASA (EU + Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway) countries.

I’ll post some photos if I get clear flight.


I did similar a couple of weeks ago for some flights in Norway. I chose Ireland as my place of application for my EASA Operator ID as the language is not too different to ours.

I did mine using this site (in Luxembourg I believe):
It was very similar to the UK Drone Code test, and most importantly, its free :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: geez. Why didn’t I think of that. Haha

Flying in Switzerland on top of a mountain - Advice?

“I think I figured it out. (not that anyone cares :rofl:

Of course we care!!!
Here’s my advice for what it’s worth
Pack warm clothes, crampons, waterproofs and some extra rope just in case. Maybe some vaseline too, good firelighter believe it or not and always wise to pack dual purpose kit :wink:
And the last bit of advice? Take plenty pictures and show them in here on your return?

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appreciate the sympathy. Although for the record I was fully laughing at myself because I sent a question out into the world and then like a typical tool I just googled it and figured it out myself. Still good to get some chat about his and exchange ideas.

Good tips too! I’ll be at one of those really swanky viewing platforms so I will probably be ok to leave the crampons (on this occasion). But will definately dress for all eventualities. Fingers crossed the weather is decent and the winds are favourably not too windy. ; )

What is the likely temperature to be?

Had I known that at the time of me doing it, i would have taken that route. Hindsight eh?

between 1.5C and 6C at the peak. which makes me think I should pack some decent fingerless gloves!

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