Flying in the Biggin Hill ATZ


New to drones but wanted to ask a question. I go to a Country Park near Biggin Hill Airport. I want to film the grandkids. So my drone will be tracking them at about 20 metres or less in height.
So, No1 - is this a no,no due to the proximity to Biggin Hill airport? And No2 - will my Mini4 Pro let me do it anyway considering it knows that I’m in a restricted zone? The park is 1.5km from the airport. I presume a no fly zone is a no fly zone even though you are flying lower than the tree tops.

You don’t give the precise location to accurately advise … but if the Biggin FRZ is the only issue, then permission needs to be obtained from their ATC for the flight to be legal … irrespective of height flown.
There is no guarantee that they will give permission - other factors may govern their decision - but there is no harm in asking.

As to whether your drone will actually fly at the location will depend on how up-to-date the firmware, and associated database, is.

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Don’t hesitate to call the airfield ATC.
It’s their job to try to ensure safe operation for all aircraft, and that includes drones.

Make sure you can describe where you will be flying, and call them… you probably have more chance early/late or at weekends, but the worst that can happen is they may refuse.

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I have obtained permission from Biggin Hill ATC a few times to fly in their FRZ.

One example last year in this post:

Long story short, a day or three before your planned drone flight, phone the number shown for Biggin Hill ATC in They have a Drone Coordinator (was Josh, might still be). He would tell you to use Altitude Angel to register a flight plan. “The implementation of Altitude Angel has made the drone process very easy now. All requests are now managed this way.”

If approved, you’re requested to telephone ATC before you lift off, and after you touch down.

All the ATCs I’ve spoken to have been very friendly, have helped me understand the process, and have permitted the flight I’ve requested.

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That’s great. Thanks for your reply. I will give it a try. I wonder if the drone will know? It’s a 2024 Mini 4 Pro. Will shall see. Thanks again.

You are likely to get a pop up on the controller screen telling you that you are in an “enhanced notifications zone” (or something similar).

You just have to tick the box to confirm you are aware, and that you are accepting that you are legally responsible for flying in that area. Once you tick the box, that’s it, it will leave you alone then.

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I’ll give it a go next time, thanks.

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Brilliant!! Thank you so much👍