Flying in the rain 👍

Well - I bought some of this…

From here…

Generously applied it to this…

And it works great!

Flying in full on torrential rain has no effect so far! Very much fun.

(Additional bonus - no-one can hear it flying because of the rain :smiley: )

Highly recommended.

Well done sounds like a good buy👌

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Your a braver soul than I am that’s for sure!

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For those of us that won’t wear a rain coat or curry an umbrella, this must be the answer…:dizzy_face:


Do they deliver :wink:


Well spotted, Ali’s tonight…


It feels very risk free to be honest - just make sure to do the inside of the camera, (not the front where the sensor is!), and avoid bits like plugs / buttons.

As the camera lens is glass rather than plastic I may try out the Rain-X on the camera too :slight_smile:

How much was it?

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£7.88 delivered (UK Seller)


I dunno m8 - seeing the rates you use on your YT vids makes me pucker up :rofl:

I run 1000 on each access. I wish I could get more yaw authority tho

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