flying my drone in egham

Hi, does anyone know where I can fly my drone in egham?
The council do not allow people to fly drones on there property?
Any recomendations as close to egham as possible

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There’s a cricket ground/park that you can fly your drone in. I think I’ve added it to drone scene, if not, I can add it on there.

There is one major caveat with this place: it can be overrun with dog walkers (nothing against dogs).

Depending what time you go, there can be nobody there and and there is ample parking.

You can easily fly your drone around and keep 50m away from people.

With the lockdown, it may be busier that usual. The couple of times I’ve been there, most people stuck to the edges of the park to walk their dogs. Only in one case did I have a lady film me and was on the phone to somebody “reporting” something, but this is all in the past and nothing happened from it but something to be aware of when flying drones in an area with people and their pets.

As far as the council regulations go, this place is brilliant!

It was used by a BBC film crew if memory serves and there are no restrictions on flying drones in this park, just got to stick the drone code.

If you do end up flying there, please let us know how busy it was - keen to take my Mavic Mini out for a spin.

All the best!

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Hi there, sounds like a good place. Would you have a address please?

Where about is the cricket ground?

It’s Englefield Green, I’ve gone ahead and added it to drone scene: Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Englefield Green - Parks and Recreation in South East

Perfect, thank you. That’ll be one to visit.
Do you know any in Egham?

It’s the only one I know of near Egham.

There’s A LOT of National Trust land around Egham and Windsor and they are incredibly anti-drone.

Heard that you can fly drones in Virginia Waters but can’t confirm that.

Ok, thanks. Yes its quite annoying, the council and national trust seem to hate drone users.

Probably due to some drone users giving them reason to hate them…

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