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So Christmas was kind and I now have a Mini 2 but I’ve found myself stuck between the National Trust/ Peak Park /Peak District and Sheffield council. Peak district (FAQs - Drones: Peak District National Park) says no drone flying, especially over SSSI which I found covers much of my local area (Bradfield Parish) and Sheffield Council who say no flying models from land they manage ( This appears to put places out of bounds, like Alport Castles, Stannage, Burbage, the Dark Peak Moors my favourite cycling tracks and even my local park where I was hoping to familiarise myself with the controls. There are green lanes open to motorcycles and 4x4s that are closed to drone fliers because of the “environmental impact” of flying a 250g drone. I understand not flying during bird nesting season but it

Are there any fliers on here from the west side of Sheffield / Peaks area who have found places where they have permission to launch that’s in VLOS of things worth photographing? I did find a website that looked like it would put you in touch with land owners but they wanted £25 per search!

Any help appreciated.

You can overfly SSSIs but if you can’t take off from their land find public land nearby to take off from.

The peak park page says “no flying over or flying from” SSSIs which i can understand if its in nesting season for rare birds but if its an sssi because of ancient groundworks there then its not an issue if you apply common sense , but you still have to work out why its a sssi. This is backed up by this page too :’ll%20need%20a%20permission,without%20consent%20from%20Natural%20England.

This resource helps find the name of the SSSI but not the reason for its classification :Sites of Special Scientific Interest Units (England)

There is a number to call Natural England on their website for permission but I’ve not tried it yet as the only flyable days have been bank holidays or weekends when they are not open

That site may be great to find scenic locations but for the places near to me that were on my list of places to fly that are also on this map every one of them is in an SSSI (see here : Sites of Special Scientific Interest Units (England)) and it doesn’t detail any permissions, giving the impression that it wasn’t sought. The descriptions are also not that accurate detailing one place as Edale when Edale is about 30 minutes drive away…

As Derbyshire is in Tier 4 with ‘no unnecessary travel’ looking to fly there and coming from a tier 3 area, is obviously purely an academic exercise at the moment… :wink:

Let us know if any descriptions or locations that are wrong and we can look into and edit.

I think you are overthinking this.

Why not just go out and fly where where you want, as long as it’s not in restricted airspace they cannot stop you , imagine yourself as a hot air balloon


Or class it as work, B roll filming. Travel for work is allowed


It is a crime to disturb wildlife in a SSSI, but so far as I can tell that’s it. It’s the landowner who needs permission from NE to undertake works in a SSSI, not an ordinary visitor.

And the National Park authority only set the rules for the land they actually own, which is far from all of it. If you’re concerned, maybe list a few locations to them and ask them to confirm whether they own the land there or not.


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For info here is a list of the land that the Peak District National Park actually own.
What is so annoying is that allow hang gliders to take off from Stanage Edge but go nuts if they see a drone up there.

Land and Property Register.pdf (358.3 KB)

Has anyone in here had any bother in the Peaks?

Genuinely interested. With it being a such a vast area it seems like the most you’ll get is the member of the public confronting you. The Peak District National Park tell people to report to the police but unless it’s serious surely they don’t bother doing an awful lot, especially as you won’t be around to find. Unless said member of the public wrestles you down :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve flown several places in the Peak District and not had a single issue.

I’ve flown at foxhouse no one around or so I thought then was approached by a guy with a large camera to be told I can’t fly there due to privacy as he works for the longshaw est does that mean he doesn’t capture images of people without their consent


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I often fly there, never had any problems, just one guy saying to his girlfriend he wished he’d got a gun. She looked embarrassed. I tend to get there early before it gets too busy.